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Why I love Wall Paper…

OK guys, so wall paper is awesome because you can do more than just stick it to a wall. Using a vinyl wall paper or contact paper, you can completely change the look of a room or even furniture!
Most of the wall paper I’ve used is from Amazon. They have a wide range of styles, whether you’re looking to cover dresser drawers in mosaic tiles, or cover your entire bedroom walls in brick or even a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen. Amazons got it. They even sell vinyl paper that you can use to cover  floors to make them look like wood or marble. I’ve also used wall paper to cover my bathroom counter tops with granite!
Using tools like a squeegee and an x-Acto knife will make your application a lot easier. You also want to take your time, peeling and sticking as you go. Here are some pictures and links. Comment any questions or pictures of your wall paper creations!

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